14 Dec ’09

FAIL: Christians Fail

13 Dec ’09

Thankful for Music

pic source Music Growing up in a musical family has given me a huge appreciation for all music. Music has been a common source of entertainment, […]
12 Dec ’09

Thankful for my ability to Create Films

My ability to Create Films I love making films. A For as long as I have been doing it i have loved it. Part of it […]
12 Dec ’09

up late filling out forms

Download now or watch on posterous 12122009.mp4 (13583 KB) Posted via email from irishmark’s posterous
11 Dec ’09

Thankful for My ability to Photoshop

My ability to Photoshop AI am in no way ever going to claim to be great at doing graphics. I have realised over the past few […]
10 Dec ’09

Thankful for My ability to design websites

My ability to design websites Another one for a geekfest nomination. I started this website in 2004. I rember a couple of frineds had blogs and […]
10 Dec ’09

How’s this gonna look?

Philipians: 2 v1-11 So this morning i had yet another comment from another Christian on my “What Jesus Did” video on YouTube. Now I have no […]
9 Dec ’09

Thankful for My ability to play the guitar

My ability to play the guitar This is a skill i have really neglected. There was a time i used to play every day and i […]
9 Dec ’09

Dodgy Organisations: Quickquid.co.uk

I’m sitting on the couch watching day time TV and along with that comes the daytime TV advertising. The above website was advertised with a great […]