20 Dec ’09

Thankful for Friends

Friends Friends keep us grounded Friends challenge us Friends bring us good times Friends are there when we’re down Friends help in difficult times Friends grant […]
19 Dec ’09

WordPress 2.9 is now available – YAY

The much/eagerly awaited release of WordPress is now available for download = Lets see what it does!
19 Dec ’09

Thankful for Nieces & Nephews

Nieces & Nephews The above picture is one of my many nieces. This is Leah. She is one of the cutest little babies i think i […]
19 Dec ’09

Cool thingy of the day

Another great image from www.CreativeMYK.com
18 Dec ’09

Boston Post: The decade in news photographs

Click the pic for gallery
18 Dec ’09

Awsome Gigapixel action

18 Dec ’09

Thankful for our home

Our Home According the the UK government there are over 10500 people who have applied for homeless accommodation in the last quarter of this year and […]
18 Dec ’09

2000 – 2010 in 7 mins

I reckon alot of you will be returning from your mid-morning coffee break right now and aren’t quite ready start working so have this to ease […]
17 Dec ’09

Thankful for my Health

My Health There is an ironic theme today because as i write this i am feeling really l ill with a horrible chesty cold and a […]