16 Dec ’09

Thankful for My Job

My Job I am so lucky. I really really am. I really love my Job. Even though at the moment i’m going through a bit of […]
15 Dec ’09

Where do computers go when they die?

This poor chap had his macbook shot! Clicky to read the article I’ve had a few tragedies when it comes to computer deaths. In fact i […]
15 Dec ’09

Thankful for Church & Community

Church & Community When i say church i mean “church” and not  “the church”. I’m talking about church as Jesus intended it  and not the political […]
14 Dec ’09

OakTree’s Advent Window Campaign – The making of!

We are using the windows in our new building as a canvas. A canvas on Acton High Street that will be seen by many. This video […]
14 Dec ’09

Thankful for Sunsets

Sunsets I don’t think i need so say much about sunsets. I can’t think of anyone who does not appreciate them Thank you Jesus for sunsets […]
14 Dec ’09

FAIL: Christians Fail

13 Dec ’09

Thankful for Music

pic source Music Growing up in a musical family has given me a huge appreciation for all music. Music has been a common source of entertainment, […]
12 Dec ’09

Thankful for my ability to Create Films

My ability to Create Films I love making films. A For as long as I have been doing it i have loved it. Part of it […]
12 Dec ’09

up late filling out forms

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