11 Dec ’09

Thankful for My ability to Photoshop

My ability to Photoshop AI am in no way ever going to claim to be great at doing graphics. I have realised over the past few […]
10 Dec ’09

Thankful for My ability to design websites

My ability to design websites Another one for a geekfest nomination. I started this website in 2004. I rember a couple of frineds had blogs and […]
10 Dec ’09

How’s this gonna look?

Philipians: 2 v1-11 So this morning i had yet another comment from another Christian on my “What Jesus Did” video on YouTube. Now I have no […]
9 Dec ’09

Thankful for My ability to play the guitar

My ability to play the guitar This is a skill i have really neglected. There was a time i used to play every day and i […]
9 Dec ’09

Dodgy Organisations: Quickquid.co.uk

I’m sitting on the couch watching day time TV and along with that comes the daytime TV advertising. The above website was advertised with a great […]
9 Dec ’09


8 Dec ’09

Thankful for my Bro – Happy Birthday Bro

Even at this time in your life you were a style icon – for the “special” people! I have a brilliant brother. it’s his birthday today. […]
8 Dec ’09

Thankful for My Xbox

Our Xbox 360 Much like the previous post about computers – this is a geek out affair. Microsoft did an amazing thing in producing the xbox […]
8 Dec ’09

Cool thingy of the day

Another great image from www.CreativeMYK.com