11 Nov ’09

Wifey’s latest sermon

Click the link for the whole sermon thingy at the Oaktree Site. I’m very proud of her abilities. If you want to listen to more of […]
9 Nov ’09

old skool ridin

I’ve been writing an article on the OakTree website about how i became a Christian and in doing so i found some old photos on my […]
9 Nov ’09

UK2.net – the worst hosting company ever!

If you are looking for a hosting company my advice to you would be to steer clear of UK2.net We use them at work and are […]
5 Nov ’09

Best Google home page to date

This really tickled me today. – Ta Muchley Google
5 Nov ’09

tasty lunch

This is a “chicken tikka masala pasanda” which is the result of our currys last night. But try and say it really fast lots of times. […]
3 Nov ’09

The Lost and The Damned?

I’ve been a massive fan of the GTA series of games. When GTA4 came out i absolutely loved it. I bought my XBOX 360 mainly for […]
2 Nov ’09

out for the eve.

2 Nov ’09

this was sweet

well the first 2 mins of it before i start ranting. I love the timelapsey type thing at the front. I really must stop doing the […]
2 Nov ’09

Last Friday’s failed vlog post

Because this has been such a failure in trying to get it on-line and because of the influence of Human 3rror‘s “Husband Friday Fail” I am […]