26 Feb ’09

fatal error

I keep getting fatal errors on the site when trying to upload photos. I manages to sort it so that i ca do a standard upload […]
25 Feb ’09

Pancakes – ooh look it’s Lent!

Last night we invited my folks over to have pancakes for pancake Tuesday. Pancake day is what the day is know as by most people these […]
24 Feb ’09

No time No pace

I seem to be running around trying to catch up on my news feeds. I’m also waaaay behind on whats heppening on face boo and i […]
19 Feb ’09

How I deal with anger…

See when I get myself into one of those discussions where it is quite heated my instinct wants to punch the other person in then ear. […]
19 Feb ’09


Have some photos of stuff i found today.
15 Feb ’09

OakTree site launch

SO today the official launch of the new OakTree website took place. I was supposed to be giving a presentation with Bish. BUT…. I’m sat on […]
15 Feb ’09


I work with timelapse material alot. Our company specialise in it. Even still i love coming across other peoples work when they have createdsomething truley beautiful. […]
14 Feb ’09

Still Owowowowowow

I woke up this morning  – correction,  decided i wasn’t going to get any serious sleep – an realised that through the night a col had […]
13 Feb ’09


This morning while putting on a t-shirt i managed to strain my neck somehow and its been getting worse all day. OW OW OW. I’ve strained […]