23 Nov ’09

Post Templates… not working as i expected…

I’ve managed to tweak this theme to sort of do what i want it to do. If you look at the image below you will see […]
23 Nov ’09

Bit Busy

Am a bit busy at the moment but will get back in to this in a bit – Dublin was nice
17 Nov ’09

Right V’s Left Brains

Clicky Piccy to take the testy My results on the above test were: Left Brain Right Brain 37% 63% You are more right-brained than left-brained. The […]
16 Nov ’09

Revisiting Jockey Bashing

In sorting out some folders i found these and thought i should relive the moments of Jockey bashing: Thank you Mr. Pearce
16 Nov ’09

Boston Post’s H1N1 photo article

clicky piccy
13 Nov ’09

feeling rubish

Back seemed to sort itself out last night. I woke up this morning with alot more movement and more importantly i realised i actiual;ly got some […]
12 Nov ’09

trapped nerve pain ow ow ow OW

Download now or watch on posterous 12112009068.mp4 (8693 KB) Posted via email from irishmark’s posterous
11 Nov ’09

Wifey’s latest sermon

Click the link for the whole sermon thingy at the Oaktree Site. I’m very proud of her abilities. If you want to listen to more of […]
9 Nov ’09

old skool ridin

I’ve been writing an article on the OakTree website about how i became a Christian and in doing so i found some old photos on my […]