21 Oct ’09


Work is really crazy right now – i dont think i’ve ever endured this much crazy stressy times!
19 Oct ’09

Eddie Izzard Genius

18 Oct ’09

walking the willis way.

We are out waking in the chilterns with the willis family. Such a nice morning! Posted via email from irishmark’s posterous
17 Oct ’09

pudding hell

this is my idea of pudding hell. Posted via email from irishmark’s posterous
16 Oct ’09

helping big dave.

Poor Big Dave broke and i helped him get back on the road. My wife Was called this eve by the hothersalls after they found the […]
16 Oct ’09

Cool thingy of the day

I love when people make reallt creative graphics – i could spend all day long looking through galleries and galleries of graphic design work. I love […]
16 Oct ’09

An Affordable DLSR Rig

This is an affordable DLSR rig by indiSystem. WHile it’s not as pretty as the Redrock Micro or Zacuto Systems, it still holds a good level […]
16 Oct ’09

That’s MY King

15 Oct ’09

cheesy jazz

Am in the common room listening to the wonderful miss robinson singing jazz. This is my cheesy jazz “nice” (ala the fast show) face. Posted via […]