22 Sep ’09


So we are now back from our amazing holiday over in Ireland. It was AWESOME! There is a massive gallery below.. We set of on Monday […]
22 Sep ’09

Black Eyed Peas + 20k others

This is awsome on a whole new level of awesomness Source: Ragamuffinsoul I l0ove tis guys theme – very similar t what i have been planning […]
19 Sep ’09

powerful dryer in tesco

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19 Sep ’09


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17 Sep ’09

holiday blues feeling-

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7 Sep ’09

We’re off for a week

WOOOHOOOO – Wifey and I are off now for a week in Ireland. Ruth will get to learn and see where i grew up where i […]
30 Aug ’09

wifey driving

On our way back from a wedding near exeter y’day. Ruth is driving so i get to recline and chill out. Yet again i’m so proud […]
27 Aug ’09

I survived 6 hours underground

On Tuesday we had a shoot with Eurotunnel. The day was a long one. It was the fourth day of shooting or a project that has […]
18 Aug ’09

My Parents are moving back to Ireland

On 2nd Sept my parents will be moving back to Ireland! Yup that’s right – its pretty epic! It’s also really great news and amazing for […]