29 Sep ’09

missing photos

This ite seems to be swallowing photos and spitting them out with no sign left of them. I put this down to configuration errors of some […]
29 Sep ’09

District 9

If you go see any movie thisyear GO SEE THIS! Such a wonderful and amazing film with a great concept and story.
26 Sep ’09

i love these trainers

I love these trainers but they have only lasted a year and a half where as my pair of kickers which are 14 years old and […]
26 Sep ’09

home sweet home

This is where we started shooting a new piece today. Wifey was ace. Posted via email from irishmark’s posterous
25 Sep ’09

this is how i feel today…

24 Sep ’09

hard at work in the sun!

Posted via email from irishmark’s posterous
23 Sep ’09

New Theme

I saw the theme on this site: www.ragamuffinsoul.com and it was very close to a theme ive had in the pipeline. The one you see now […]
22 Sep ’09


So we are now back from our amazing holiday over in Ireland. It was AWESOME! There is a massive gallery below.. We set of on Monday […]
22 Sep ’09

Black Eyed Peas + 20k others

This is awsome on a whole new level of awesomness Source: Ragamuffinsoul I l0ove tis guys theme – very similar t what i have been planning […]