17 Aug ’09

Sandra’s doppelganger

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17 Aug ’09

Holiday snaps yo

17 Aug ’09

irishmark.net to ruthandmark.net?

I’ve been thinking more on the development of his site and since my last post abut this I was having another thought. You can visit my […]
17 Aug ’09

comfy log

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16 Aug ’09

WOW Intense!

This is probably the best film i’ve seen with a message discouraging people from a certain behaviour while driving…. The video was done with local actors […]
12 Aug ’09

Onion Fun

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village
11 Aug ’09

Where do i put my photos?

I’m struggling with how bets tomanage photos and video i take and where to put them i.e. where to store them on-line. The choices are: My […]
6 Aug ’09


5 Aug ’09

Bear Grylls Ad