13 May ’09

bad from low angles

12 May ’09

One Take Wonder

This is all done in one take and it’s great. A lil rough around the edges but its still amazing.
12 May ’09

Henley Happened

Wifey and i had a really great weekend in Henley. The plan as to do NOTHING! that pln was achieved. We mostly slept, chilled, read, walked […]
11 May ’09


I’m trying desperately to do some hardcore WordPress theme development and i fear i am a wee bit over my head. However, usually when i do […]
8 May ’09


Film I made for BTP in May 2009: [quicktime]http://www.irishmark.net/MEDIA/Films/BTP_OUTSTANDING_TEAMWORK.mp4[/quicktime]
7 May ’09

twitter madness

I’ve been trying to develop the theme on the site here to be much tidier and to incorporate my twitter feeds in a neater fashion. Its […]
1 May ’09

Alpha & Twitting

So this summer we are putting on another Alpha Course. If any one wants to ask questions and find out more about christianity. Hecklers with “difficult” […]
30 Apr ’09

cool stuff of the day

This is cubcam in elephant poo. – Click the image for more – very cool Blowing up stuff – THE MANLY WAY Its bee a silly […]
29 Apr ’09

Cool stuff I have been looking at

I’ve been looking at lots of cool futuristicy type tings….