7 Jun ’09

I’m Mostly Al – A film by my bro.

4 Jun ’09

So…..Doha……How was it?

Well I’m in the airport waiting for my flight so i thought I’d kill the time by writing about Qatar IT WAS STUPIDLY HOT – Got […]
31 May ’09

Rockin the Doha, Rockin the Doha

Right boys and girls. I’m ready. Everything i need is packed, bar this laptop and the power cord, and my toothbrush, and my phone and…well ok […]
28 May ’09

The Loop and Multiple Queries

This is the bit i’m srtuggling with: I want it to choose a thumbnail depending on the catagory (the thumbnail assigning happens in  Cat_Thumb_Assign.php). This I’ve […]
28 May ’09

New Linkage

I’ve just changed the permalink structure of the site so I apologise to anyone who has linked to my site and the links break. Unless you […]
27 May ’09


Thanks to Matt for pointing this one out – must also watch later in full
26 May ’09

Great Weekend

Sunday: I went for my first ride on Sarah since before I got married. It was sheer bliss but shocking aso how out of practice i […]
26 May ’09


My showreel yo: [flv]http://www.irishmark.net/MEDIA/Films/ShowreelMay07.flv[/flv]
23 May ’09

It’ coming together….

It’s coming back tpogether now bu  i still need to figure out how to implement the catagory template code. The thumbnail code works great but the […]