22 May ’09

Good grief this is an awful mess

I really am making a mess ofthis site i think i need my head examined. I am living in th hope that if i can pull […]
22 May ’09


20 May ’09

ingredients fo new theme

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17 May ’09

vehicular madness

15 May ’09

Star Trek – WOOT

Wifey and i went out for our weekly date night last night and did the usual thing of Nandos and a Movie. Nandos! Oh how i […]
13 May ’09

bad from low angles

12 May ’09

One Take Wonder

This is all done in one take and it’s great. A lil rough around the edges but its still amazing.
12 May ’09

Henley Happened

Wifey and i had a really great weekend in Henley. The plan as to do NOTHING! that pln was achieved. We mostly slept, chilled, read, walked […]
11 May ’09


I’m trying desperately to do some hardcore WordPress theme development and i fear i am a wee bit over my head. However, usually when i do […]