13 Jan ’09

mess with your own head

13 Jan ’09

Why go to Church?

This morning in my news feeds I read a post on Trying to Follow about church and why go to church and it made me think […]
13 Jan ’09


Now you know when there ae imes when you really souldn’t laughn at the misfortunes of others. Well strictly speaking that is most of the time. […]
8 Jan ’09

Oaktree Website coming on well

By far the best and most dynamic website i have built and i am really happy with it. It’s still got a long way to go […]
7 Jan ’09

Family by Bro

7 Jan ’09

Ground Zero

7 Jan ’09

Great HDR Timelapse

25 Dec ’08

Happy Christmas!

I’m sitting on the sofa in my Father in Law’s house, his 3 boys are on the floor, Andrea is in the Kitchen cooking up an […]
21 Dec ’08

the Crimbo run up

Working backwards this has been the last 2 weeks. Feeling sick with a cold missed out on live nativity went to Oaktree Christmas staff party – […]