17 Mar ’09

Paddys Day Woot

And here is another Paddy’s day yet again. I have stuff on tonight which means celebrating today wont exactly be hugely fruitful. We may be going […]
15 Mar ’09

Pooter demise…

It seems that this week my PC at home has finally given up the ghost. This is the machine that served as my main work/edit machine […]
13 Mar ’09

What the Robinsons have been watching

Watchmen – We went to see this l night an it was very very good. Despite not having read the graphic novel i still really enjoyed […]
11 Mar ’09

minority report, a step closer…

This is absolutely amazing! They are calling it a sixth sense i like to call it gesticular reaction. – You can make up your own term […]
9 Mar ’09

1 down 60 to go…i hope

That is 1 year of marriage. Yesterday was our first anniversary.  Wow that’s another year that has flown by.  Having an anniversary as well is like […]
9 Mar ’09

fart machine in US local government

Kid Uses Fart Machine During City Council Meeting – watch more funny videos
6 Mar ’09


I was thinking about my workspace bein tidy as we hada major clean up last week. my desk wight now is a bit of a mess- […]
4 Mar ’09

driving school

Yesterday i attended Naught Boy’s Driving School aka a speed awareness course. I was caught by a camera doing 38 in a 40 zone. I thought […]
2 Mar ’09

Must Have WordPress Plugins

I thoght i’d write up a post on my favorite plugins. I consider most of them to be must-haves but then I use the site i […]