5 Feb ’09

The Weather

While I’ve been loving this weather I am now faced with he challenge of trying to figure out whether or not I am going to get […]
4 Feb ’09

taking shape

After the sucessof the oaktree site I am trying to redo this site now too. It’s pushing my limitations of php/html coding but its great and […]
30 Jan ’09


I Just rebuilt the whole database from scratch using xml and that. – This site should now be workin proper! Was thinking about what i was […]
29 Jan ’09

running away with itself

you know when life feels like it’s running away withitself and, um , i dunno a spoon – i feel like this with work.
26 Jan ’09


a bit stressed tpoday and last wee -must chiiiiiiiill In the mean time – for an itensive monitor tidyup – TRY THIS:
24 Jan ’09

a great no dialogue film

A thousand words
17 Jan ’09

mac v’s pc

This is great http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cjy7yorAhE
16 Jan ’09

new design

need a new design again soon
15 Jan ’09

Prayer request for my sister

My big sis Sandra lost a baby today. They went in for the 12 week scan and there was no heart-beat. If you could pray for […]