2 Oct ’08

really need a haircut

So this eve we decided on dinner and a movie. It resulted in us realising =that park royal cinema has really gone down the tube. the […]
30 Sep ’08

Some Photos from the past few weeks

28 Sep ’08

engineering legacy

We stopped by at carolyn’s to see her fish and it was nice to see that i =have left a legacy at that house in the […]
27 Sep ’08

lovely wifey

I love her for indulging in silliness with me. X x x This was done =on an N95 – 8GB.–EPOC32-pM0jZsjyMMd4dM6jfNL2SxB4xCj3hPbcf0bQkB6sLNZmw6HdContent-Type: image/jpegContent-Disposition: attachment; filename=”17092008170.jpg”Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
23 Sep ’08

Andrew Mann

Vocal Beauty & Lyrical Soul…..
23 Sep ’08

new glasses

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21 Sep ’08

things on plane

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21 Sep ’08


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17 Sep ’08

T5 breakfast

Yum yum food – ready for a flight! This was done on an N95 – 8GB.–EPOC32-PzJmyHtwBqL3,stjKbLZSjjbmG6b66ybVvk-gwQgC8Gq5h9TContent-Type: image/jpegContent-Disposition: attachment; filename=”17092008165.jpg”Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64