20 Aug ’08

Busy with Work

All of this vieo was done on my Nokia N95 8GB. It’s a very impressiv phone. I’m lovin it large!
20 Aug ’08


The heat is on. Am feeling a wee bit stressed with work as we have so much =on right now. it is manageable but the next […]
19 Aug ’08


Yay This was done on an N95 – 8GB
19 Aug ’08

chocness yum

My amazing wife made soup and i just finished it. It was delicious! I just =went to get some chocolate to chase it down. Aint had […]
17 Aug ’08

car drop

Dropped car off. X
17 Aug ’08

good hair

Vanity rules here. Only putting this up here as a reference to a day when i =had good hair.
15 Aug ’08


Here is part of my work station. This was sent by my N95
15 Aug ’08


Bog roll! This was sent by my N95–EPOC32-XVRYstPt3PjywBFfw8rmSyQtQGJdhQZpNzt_-6yVTTtCftT8Content-Type: image/jpegContent-Disposition: attachment; filename=”bogroll.jpg”Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 »This post was processed by PostMaster
12 Aug ’08

New Phone – woohoo

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you stand up for your dues..