28 Aug ’08

at work

I am at work. Its late. It’s not nice having to work late. I have hunger. I am bored. I wanna in home. This edit is […]
28 Aug ’08

Kanye West Video – Cool Animation

Found this on one of my feeds – Kanye West – Good Morning
26 Aug ’08

I killed a pigeon

by accident of course….
25 Aug ’08

wife & work

Here is a pic of ruth watching the very first episod of 24 in the tandem =office while i have to work on bank holiday monday. […]
21 Aug ’08

sweet sleep

Ah i love sleep. I slept so well last night. This was done on an =N95 – 8GB.-
20 Aug ’08

Busy with Work

All of this vieo was done on my Nokia N95 8GB. It’s a very impressiv phone. I’m lovin it large!
20 Aug ’08


The heat is on. Am feeling a wee bit stressed with work as we have so much =on right now. it is manageable but the next […]
19 Aug ’08


Yay This was done on an N95 – 8GB
19 Aug ’08

chocness yum

My amazing wife made soup and i just finished it. It was delicious! I just =went to get some chocolate to chase it down. Aint had […]