5 May ’08

mouse, cat & dog

25 Apr ’08

teh cutness

21 Apr ’08

Fun fun fungal at the Robinson’s

Ok so maybe more bacterial than fungal but there you go. I Have strep throat and Glandular Fever. WEYHEY! Its loooadsa fun – well about as […]
16 Apr ’08

30 min of Portishead joy

14 Apr ’08

Busy and dat – again.

I was quite fearful of starting a full time position back in Jan. I was thinking it would be too much but its cool. While i […]
4 Apr ’08

we are sick

together, my wife and I (i still love saying that, are ill. we have the sickness – uuuugfh being sick together takes the edge off.
13 Mar ’08

Married and that

Wow, I´m married to a beautiful caring woman and it ROCKS! Guys, I´m speaking to all you single men out there, – Get yaself a wife´- […]
5 Mar ’08

3 Days

I get married in 3 days! Wow! I’ve not veen writing much dude to the fact that i have been sooo busy with work and planning […]
3 Feb ’08


Stage6 · TIMELAPSE WORLD · DriveLapse_sequence_HD.H264 – Video and Download