1 Feb ’08

two weeks and not many weeks to go

SO Its been two weeks since i wrote anything – i have lots to say just no time to say it.  Its just over 5 weeks […]
16 Jan ’08

Now I know what busy means

Man this is a huge adjustment buts its all good. I am now in week 2 of work and am enjoying it. I am really busy […]
3 Jan ’08

Whoa – Happy New Year

Man, There is alot going on right now its mental! I Have a New Job Yeah its true! I am leaving the world of freelancing and […]
25 Dec ’07

happy christmas

hope you have a great christmas xxx
18 Dec ’07

magica and nostalgia

Some brillaint  skills And this one: What? Mark showing an interest in football? Yes it’s true. This brings me back!
17 Dec ’07

I found an Old tune i made…

Back in the day I used to try and write some Drum & Bass tunes. JP and I would spend hours on these tracks but all […]
14 Dec ’07

baby cuteness

and finally the quads:
13 Dec ’07

Wake Up Cat

13 Dec ’07

ghost rider

[flv]http://media.viral-plaza.com/bike_071205.flv[/flv] More Funny Videos