28 May ’08

What a Weekend…

That really was an ace weekend. It was prolly the most fun packed weekend I’ve had in ages. Fri eve – Indiana Jones & the Kingdom […]
22 May ’08

if you loved me….

You’d buy me one…
18 May ’08

My Tube

I have to celebrate as this weekend my “What JesusDid”  video hit over 10k views and the video of my nephew who dies has past 22k […]
9 May ’08

Man is Hot

It’s hotter than a hot thing tody-  tha isall.
6 May ’08

Attack Goose

5 May ’08

mouse, cat & dog

25 Apr ’08

teh cutness

21 Apr ’08

Fun fun fungal at the Robinson’s

Ok so maybe more bacterial than fungal but there you go. I Have strep throat and Glandular Fever. WEYHEY! Its loooadsa fun – well about as […]
16 Apr ’08

30 min of Portishead joy