1 Oct ’07

css grr

been tryng to swap out the DHTML menu tony created for the Oak Tree site but each time i do it Firefox refuses to display it […]
30 Sep ’07

the power of HDR

I gots my Ruru back this afternoon! After having to cancel our weekend of parents meeting parents due to my crappie cold Ruth came back this […]
28 Sep ’07

a bloody nose

This is getting flippin rediculous! I’ve been having bad nose bleeds sinc tuesday night! Been to A&E 3 times in 24 hours and they cant do […]
26 Sep ’07


So as an engagment prezzie Ruth bought me a new Digital SLR Camera. I chose the Pentax K100d Super. I have always been a pentax boy […]
21 Sep ’07

techy secrets

6 Volt Battery Hack! You’ll Be Amazed! – video powered by Metacafe
18 Sep ’07

New Phone!

I jus got this bad boy last week, well on Friday. It’s the orange SPV M700. I’ve used SPV phones now for the past 3 years […]
8 Sep ’07

Sancho Panza

The Sancho Guys wanted a reel to pitch a deal with Ministry of Sound and MTV [flv width=”590″ height=”382″ bufferlength=”20″ ]http://www.irishmark.net/MEDIA/Films/SanchoPanzaPromo5.flv[/flv]
5 Sep ’07

The Proposal

The First 2:30 is the actual proposal the rest is what it took and how it happened.
3 Sep ’07

I asked Ruth to marry me!

AND SHE SAID YES! Wow – I’m engaged. This all happened yesterday and after much planning I pulled off what everyone has been telling me was […]