1 Dec ’07

Mechanic in a china shop

Ive had a few interesting days this week! Its been quite full on in some ways. All in all a good week though! Wednesday Afternoon– I […]
29 Nov ’07

Ring and Ting – Wedding Rings

Right! I need some blokey input. I have narrowed the choice of wedding ring down to 2 ring contenders. These are both Titanium. In the BLUE […]
29 Nov ’07

Just call me Carol….

So am going a bit Countdown crazy! But just so you know…. It’s Christmas in 26 days It’s my birthday in 27 days It’s New Year’s […]
26 Nov ’07

cool graphics video

Alias – Sixes Last
22 Nov ’07

ma mo

Sittin here havin a brew with my Mommy – she is cooooolio!
21 Nov ’07


I really have broken the back of wordpress. I’ve been so busy developing other websites that i’ve completely neglected this one. Our work website is now […]
13 Nov ’07


13 Nov ’07

bored but stayin awake

So here i am in Waterloo trainstation at 3:07am. Later this morning the last eurostar train will leave waterloo as from today onwards it will be […]
7 Nov ’07

Robinsons Meet The Barnes

My Parents meeting Ruths Parents – What a weekend!