5 Nov ’07

Changes, changes….all around…

So – am getting married to the boy of this site…and being a wife-in-training is kinda wierd. How to juggle the new dynamic of relationships with […]
2 Nov ’07

Test Post from Ruth

Doing lots of Testing at the moment which is why we have a header for a difftrent website! Yay
18 Oct ’07

Bluescreen & Drunkeness

My PC is dying! GRR – The bluescreen of death keeps visiting my screen and i think its the motherboard which is going! AAAARGH! Have some […]
11 Oct ’07

Another Year Older

Wow! Another year passes. This time when I look back, I am amazed by how diffrent this year has been and how so so so much […]
8 Oct ’07

Twentymine & Always makes me laugh

In the words of my gorgeous fiance – I am now twentymine! Wow! Another year gone and what a year – more later – for now […]
5 Oct ’07


SO the work going oni in our house that, after much deliberation, our landlord promised we would only need to be oput of our rooms for […]
3 Oct ’07

Light Ride

Saw this and though – Now that’s a gimick but i get the impression that it’d be difficult for motorists at night NOT to see you.
1 Oct ’07

css grr

been tryng to swap out the DHTML menu tony created for the Oak Tree site but each time i do it Firefox refuses to display it […]
30 Sep ’07

the power of HDR

I gots my Ruru back this afternoon! After having to cancel our weekend of parents meeting parents due to my crappie cold Ruth came back this […]