6 Mar ’07

dinner & life in general

I’ve been keepin quiet last few days cause i’ve been pretty stressed out over a couple of things but they seem to be sorting themselves out. […]
28 Feb ’07


me is tired, not much sleep last night – stressed! meh! Spot the movie!!!
26 Feb ’07

Me? Gloat?

43 – 13   Need I say more? ignore this: CV TEST
23 Feb ’07


So very very bored! The only thing of interest which isn’t very interesting is the fact that this pic is numer 999 on my phone so […]
22 Feb ’07

Neo Launch Party Flyer

Work For Niel Ransome
22 Feb ’07


So this eve I went to see “the persuit of happiness” with my sister. It was………gooood if a little slow. In fact it was very slow. […]
19 Feb ’07


So it’s official now. Last week I gave the go ahead to some friends over in Acton that I would move in to their place. 127 […]
17 Feb ’07

Hot Fuzz

We went to see this last night! It was excellent! It didnt quite have the consistent laughs as Shaun of the Dead but it was still […]
15 Feb ’07


that was the best Valentine’s day ever! I’ll spare you the cheesy details – it was just brilliant.