25 Jun ’07

Scrat Animation

Just Because
22 Jun ’07

what to do! hmmm

19 Jun ’07


Here i sit on the couch of my lovely woman contemplating life and i keep asking myself – where is my career going? What is it […]
14 Jun ’07


13 Jun ’07


So i have not been posting alot. In fact i have not being doing much of anything on this as of late. The last 6-8 weeks […]
12 Jun ’07

what to do, what to do?????

7 Jun ’07

more typography genius

5 Jun ’07


I found this – Really ACE CGI animation – if a lil freaky
4 Jun ’07

oh bollocks!

So I have not been paid yet and its getting stupid again! Looks like the whole of the outstanding council tax is gonna have to be […]