31 Jan ’07

not designed for early mornings

Whoa! – Man i’m a tired boy! Today I went into JohnPaul & Suzannes offices in Pimlico to give Suzanne training on their audio visual ger […]
30 Jan ’07


So yesterday was fun! – I was a wuss! I dont really wanna explain why but i was! So there! It was justified – Honest! – […]
28 Jan ’07


1xXNoB3t8vM  me likes this
28 Jan ’07


I’ve jus had a really excellent evenin! I had my second date with Ruth. Some of you may ask – Who the hell is Ruth? Well […]
26 Jan ’07

Burns & Bake Off

Last night in Steve’s honour we had a Burns night. We did the full traditional thing complete with speeches in bad scotish accents and haggis. Was […]
25 Jan ’07

check me out!

So I’ve found a tutorial on how to work the CSS in wordpress themes and am now working on introducing one of my originals – it […]
24 Jan ’07

Snow Yay!

Woke up and looked out the back doors to see the above! – Its soooo cold but i love snow! Feelin groovy today!
22 Jan ’07


Yes today i find myself grining ear to ear becuase of a certain someone. Not quite ready to go public but needless to say the grin […]
20 Jan ’07

Stealth HD – Brand Development

Stealht HD was a company idea by Danny Bowes & Mark Wilkinson that never took off.