23 Mar ’07


so i go around alot of the time having no work! Now i am running myself into the ground wit this tesco job. In the last […]
18 Mar ’07

Work work work

So the last few days have been manic and even as I write this i think to myself that I shouldn’t be soingso as I have […]
14 Mar ’07

Tesco & Fridges

So Yesterday I did a shoot with My brother for Tesco. We went up to their fresh foods distrobution plant in Peterborough leaving here at 6:30am […]
12 Mar ’07

Outlook schmoutfook

So i spent the best part of 3 hours this afternoon tidying up my outlook contacts. Getting consistency amongst them and then outlook decided to crash […]
12 Mar ’07

a good day

Today was a good day! in fact the whole weekend was a good weekend. Friday I spent the day with Ruth. We went and walked Mitsu […]
9 Mar ’07

Constellation Wine Piece

[flv width=”320″ height=”260″]http://www.irishmark.net/MEDIA/Films/constellation320x240-512kbps.flv[/flv]
7 Mar ’07

God Video

  So i made this video! Its very God driven. – Clicky Piccy watchy biggy.
6 Mar ’07

dinner & life in general

I’ve been keepin quiet last few days cause i’ve been pretty stressed out over a couple of things but they seem to be sorting themselves out. […]
28 Feb ’07


me is tired, not much sleep last night – stressed! meh! Spot the movie!!!