25 Jan ’06

Celebrity Taxi

Here are some logos i designed for Niel and his ideas for the TV show: Celebrity Taxi
19 Jan ’06

Home Town – HERE I AM BABY YEAH!!!

So here I am in Dublin and to say it feels bizarre would be an understatement although it has been harsh. On the first night after […]
16 Jan ’06


Yes – Am off to Dublin tomorrow for 5 days WOHOOOOO! Can’t wait!!! It was a bit of a wired weekend. Was all over the place!!! […]
13 Jan ’06


one might say that putting an image of yourself on display where you look like s**te is not necessarily the best thing to do – To […]
12 Jan ’06


So every New Year people make resolutions in order to better themselves and I have always done this but its always been in a very jocular […]
9 Jan ’06


Had a meeting at Ministry today to sort out all the cash they owe me and it should all be coming soon!!! I’ll be able to […]
6 Jan ’06


Dunno what’s wrong with me this morning. I woke up feeling bloody miserable. I’m just in a foul mood! I’ll probably snap out of it later. […]
4 Jan ’06

Anti Climax…

The inevitable anti climax has hit home…. Had a really great New Year. Christmas was rubbish! – Christmas was rubbish mainly cause I was so busy. […]
3 Jan ’06

another year

I have alot to say I am just too tired to be bothered so – welcome 2006 – Nice to meet you.