11 Feb ’07


Its 10am. I’m at my Bro’s place helping him move out of his flat. This is the first time i’ve written a post away from home […]
6 Feb ’07


So I’m feeling much better now. Still not 100% but certainly over the worst of the dreaded man flu! It has been a while since I’ve […]
4 Feb ’07

Kitty Washing Machine

This is tha shizzle 15bwhVxw-Bg
4 Feb ’07

Horror Movies

Right so normally I really dont like horror movies but i came upon this trailer and i now really wanna see it. John Cusack is one […]
3 Feb ’07

Man Flu Strikes

Its fairly well know that women do not take Men seriously when they are hit with Man Flu. On the behalf of mankind i would like […]
2 Feb ’07


 So today I’m jus generally feeling really happy. Despite feeling like crap cause of a cold I am feeling generally quite happy. It’s weird. Been a […]
1 Feb ’07


I woke up this morning feeling like someone very fat had been sat on my chest all night. I’ve got some sort of really shesty cold […]
31 Jan ’07

not designed for early mornings

Whoa! – Man i’m a tired boy! Today I went into JohnPaul & Suzannes offices in Pimlico to give Suzanne training on their audio visual ger […]
30 Jan ’07


So yesterday was fun! – I was a wuss! I dont really wanna explain why but i was! So there! It was justified – Honest! – […]