26 Nov ’05

Need to re-educate myself in music

What a fabulous night – I picked the princess up at Knightsbridge and we rolled round the corner to Wagamamas where she ate the below dish. […]
25 Nov ’05


So now we are having our first date tonight. We going to a play at a Uni. Cheap date!!!
24 Nov ’05


Ok so was supposed to have the date with Princess Jasmine but it was tooo cold so we came back to mine and wathced a movie. […]
22 Nov ’05

It’s aaaaall good!

I just had one of the best days I’ve had in a good while. You know the way when you’re in a good mood and you […]
21 Nov ’05

winter beauty

click the thumbs: Had quite a nice day today. I got up at around 8.30am after a crappie nights sleep. I had a lovely long shower […]
20 Nov ’05

Lazin on a sunny afternoon….

Ok not lazin at all really. I put in a few hours on the mediachill site. I hadn’t done the production page yet and I wanted […]
19 Nov ’05


Feeling a bit wordless today….
18 Nov ’05


Just back home – it’s 715pm and MY GOOD GOD its cold!!! It’s just seemed to have happened this week. Anyway – am tired so that’s […]
17 Nov ’05

Where has all the time gone today – had a load of things I was planning to do and it’s now almost 5:30. Oh well! – Gonna […]