20 Nov ’06

I need to get back on the bike

I feel like i have abandoned my beautiful bike. I let my bro take it for a while as he was wanting to get fit for […]
15 Nov ’06

The plan went wrong!!!

So yeah, my great plan yesterday went to poo when i took a nap that lasted 5 hours! Kinda defeated the purpose! Finally sorted the small […]
15 Nov ’06

One step forward two steps back

Would be nice if opportunities actually stopped being what they are and turned in to actual events…
12 Nov ’06

All night loooong

I did something silly and wise all at the same time! Over the past few weeks I’ve been going to bed later and later to the […]
10 Nov ’06

All you need is a lil understanding

[kml_flashembed movie=http://www.mediachill.com/irishmark/images/head.swf height=”250″ width=”450″]. This is my first flash attempt! – Woot me. And yes – it is like the below image!
9 Nov ’06

Lads: Remember that the woman is always right – always

So all of us men have something in common after all. When it comes to women we are thick as s**t! It’s not a fun thing […]
8 Nov ’06

Flu = MEH!

I’ve had a cold for 2 weeks now and i feel like poo! I have been stubborn with it too. You know me, i like to […]
6 Nov ’06

Lasse strikes again

The norwegian genius strikes again. This guy really is very very creative.    JzqumbhfxRo   and if you wanna see the older one you can see […]
4 Nov ’06


FZKWYNY49rk Video blog again …