15 Aug ’06

Cant bloody sleep….

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! I cant sleep. Realising I am a seriously stressed out MOFO! How the fudge di i ever allow myself to get into such a screweed […]
15 Aug ’06

American girls are more fun…

Yeah it’s true you know. From my experience with American women they do seem to be alot more fun. I guess it comes from not living […]
12 Aug ’06

Nacho Libre

Went to see “Nacho Libre”, the new Jack Black movie last night. It was quite good. Dunno quite what to say about it. It was quite […]
10 Aug ’06

Myspaces Faces

Work for Niel Ransome
9 Aug ’06

Phone Poo

Realised that my phone is once again goin on da blink. It seems every 5 months these SPV phones go asre over tit. I ask why […]
8 Aug ’06

August arrives then!!!

Just been down to Anna Valley this morning for a refresher on their LED Display Walls. I will be doing “The Price is Right” in September […]
31 Jul ’06

The meaning of “meh”

A weekend of niceness was had this weekend. I avoided doing as much work as possible and only ended up doing a few things that needed […]
27 Jul ’06

South Ealing Floods

Today I saw the most impressive storm I have ever seen in London. There was some bloody loud thunder and a ton of lightning. With the […]
20 Jul ’06

My oh my

That was a bit of an out burst… So I had another one of those days where I was feeling low and annoyed. These days happen […]