6 Oct ’06

My big sis is ACE!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDRAAAAAA   Yes its my big sister’s birthday today and she is….older than me. Its my own birthday on Monday and I always get […]
1 Oct ’06

That time is coming round!

In a little over a weeks time my birthday is coming up. I really don’t know what to think this time! – I have not enjoyed […]
30 Sep ’06

I’m a survivor!!

“Residents return home after fire” BBC News Website Fire sparks overnight evacuation” – BBC News Website I survived the Drama. So the other night I was […]
28 Sep ’06

Hohn my skills.

Oh its good to be home!!! Although I seem to have walked into a battle field. The tension in the house over the last few months […]
23 Sep ’06

Clerks2 & the death of a Director

Don’t quite know how to start this as I feel there should be a certain level of respect held. Ok so basically yesterday I got into […]
20 Sep ’06

L I V I D I T Y!!!!!

I have been off the planet for 2 days due to the f**king IDIOTS that are Orange!!! 2 weeks ago I rang Orange to check to […]
16 Sep ’06

Yay me and my superior web coding…

For my regular viewers you’ll see that the design today is a wee bit diffrent – (this is a boring post by the way) Yes I […]
14 Sep ’06

Big up the NASA posse!

Well what’s been happening over the last few days…   This morning I got an email from a girl who works for Nasa – She was […]
10 Sep ’06

How Ninja Are You?

Production company are messing me around. Was bout to check out of the hotel when I get a call from the office saying I was due […]