6 Jan ’07

WOO & YAY – I Gots WordPress

Yes this is now workin innit!
4 Jan ’07

More Developer stuff

This site has been evolving dramatically over the years along with my skills. As I learn i apply it to the site. I need to get […]
3 Jan ’07

2007 is here – Good Lord!!

Its 2007 – Wow! Happy New Year everyone! So Last Year was a bit s**t for me! We all know this but this year will be […]
23 Dec ’06


21 Dec ’06

Christmas is coming!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!

For the first time in a looooooooooooooooooooong time I am really looking forward to Christmas. I’m spending it with my parents, my bro and my eldest […]
18 Dec ’06

The Nice Guy Complex!

So many lads out there are suffering what is known as the “Nice Guy” complex! I have been know to suffer this affliction too but i […]
11 Dec ’06


I realise that too some of my friends I have become really unreliable – another thing that needs to change. This weekend was a prime example. […]
8 Dec ’06


I’ve been moaning about my s**tty life on and off for the past few years but not actually doing much about it. Things are changing. I […]
7 Dec ’06


6a8uGOELk7k i made this – its a silly test