3 Nov ’06

a lil blue thing

Not much to say.
2 Nov ’06

Designers Block

I’ve been having a bit of a designers block. I have been trying to come up with designs and concepts for a website but nothing has […]
29 Oct ’06

Jack is back – woot woot

OOOOOH Shiny New 24. There has never been a show I’ve been really into until 24! This is the dogs! What a weird night. So we […]
28 Oct ’06

PHP & CSS Switching

OK so mare techy advancmets! WOO and YAY me! I’ve found away of simplifying the css call comands by using PHP so this is my first […]
25 Oct ’06

CSS Switching

Right so developments be happening with this site. Regulars will know that this site changes designs with more regularity than the Tokyo Subway trains but what […]
21 Oct ’06

A lil bit o news

So, as most of you know I was doing the whole internet dating there for a while. Yes my first go was a success except for […]
17 Oct ’06

Look what i found

13 Oct ’06

Mates an dat

So recently there has been alot of crap going on in the house resulting in Bob moving out. Part of this has resulted in the topic […]
10 Oct ’06

Feelin groooovy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paddy!   Man October is a really busy month for birthdays!!!   So Yesterday – My Birthday. It was actually a great day! I […]