10 Nov ’06

All you need is a lil understanding

[kml_flashembed movie=http://www.mediachill.com/irishmark/images/head.swf height=”250″ width=”450″]. This is my first flash attempt! – Woot me. And yes – it is like the below image!
9 Nov ’06

Lads: Remember that the woman is always right – always

So all of us men have something in common after all. When it comes to women we are thick as s**t! It’s not a fun thing […]
8 Nov ’06

Flu = MEH!

I’ve had a cold for 2 weeks now and i feel like poo! I have been stubborn with it too. You know me, i like to […]
6 Nov ’06

Lasse strikes again

The norwegian genius strikes again. This guy really is very very creative.    JzqumbhfxRo   and if you wanna see the older one you can see […]
4 Nov ’06


FZKWYNY49rk Video blog again …
3 Nov ’06

a lil blue thing

Not much to say.
2 Nov ’06

Designers Block

I’ve been having a bit of a designers block. I have been trying to come up with designs and concepts for a website but nothing has […]
29 Oct ’06

Jack is back – woot woot

OOOOOH Shiny New 24. There has never been a show I’ve been really into until 24! This is the dogs! What a weird night. So we […]
28 Oct ’06

PHP & CSS Switching

OK so mare techy advancmets! WOO and YAY me! I’ve found away of simplifying the css call comands by using PHP so this is my first […]