31 Jul ’06

The meaning of “meh”

A weekend of niceness was had this weekend. I avoided doing as much work as possible and only ended up doing a few things that needed […]
27 Jul ’06

South Ealing Floods

Today I saw the most impressive storm I have ever seen in London. There was some bloody loud thunder and a ton of lightning. With the […]
20 Jul ’06

My oh my

That was a bit of an out burst… So I had another one of those days where I was feeling low and annoyed. These days happen […]
18 Jul ’06

Ooooooh fudge socks!!!!

A few posts back I exclaimed i was moaning too much! I said i should stop and be more positive and only talk bout the good […]
16 Jul ’06

Final Stage

Thunder will be done by Monday! – YAY In the mean time have a video of one of my fav animators: Don Hertzfeldt
8 Jul ’06

Party Party 127

We are partying tonight!
8 Jul ’06

HangoverHangover 127

We partied till the wee hours! – Actually the party was a bit lame. A ton of people never turned up. Of the people that did, […]
5 Jul ’06


  I’ve not been posting much recently cause I’ve jus been, well ummmm dunno – lazy? So What’s been happenin in the world of Irishmark? Well […]
24 Jun ’06

Jump around..

Today I re-learnt the art of dirt jumping. Ok so I aint no jumping god or anything but I did find a nice lil bank jump […]