22 Aug ’06

Informal informa

21 Aug ’06

Proper Blog Stylee Video an dat – Video Blog stylee

19 Aug ’06

Insomnia – Video Blog stylee

I couldn’t sleep so I made this. jZRc_Cu4z20
18 Aug ’06

Friday nights are for…I cant remember anymore

It’s Friday night and I’m at home working. I did watch the Big Brother final. Anyway thats not the point – ok like on many occassions […]
17 Aug ’06

Another crappie nights sleep

Head goes down, Body pines for sleep, the core of my soul aches for the sweet taste of unconsciousness, It’s brain that’s the problem, buzzing and […]
15 Aug ’06

Cant bloody sleep….

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! I cant sleep. Realising I am a seriously stressed out MOFO! How the fudge di i ever allow myself to get into such a screweed […]
15 Aug ’06

American girls are more fun…

Yeah it’s true you know. From my experience with American women they do seem to be alot more fun. I guess it comes from not living […]
12 Aug ’06

Nacho Libre

Went to see “Nacho Libre”, the new Jack Black movie last night. It was quite good. Dunno quite what to say about it. It was quite […]
10 Aug ’06

Myspaces Faces

Work for Niel Ransome