5 Sep ’06

In Manchester

Got here on Sunday The drive up was pleasant eneough and quick. We rigged the Screen and that was that. The Hotel is bloody nice! Nice […]
2 Sep ’06

Off to Manchester….again…

This is all a bit mental – am taking my PC with me and need to pack it up – That is all!
1 Sep ’06

Back from Manchester!!!!

MAAAAAAN! Its September already!!! Time seems to be going by in the blink of an eye. Got back from Manchester yesterday. The job was very dull […]
28 Aug ’06

Off to Manchester!!!!

SO am off to Manchester tomorrow morning for my initial 3 day stint. Will be working on some show, not too sure what it is though. […]
26 Aug ’06

Hours in the day

  There just aint enough of them!!! I’m off to Manchester for 3 days on Tues and I need to get this corp video I’m working […]
22 Aug ’06

Informal informa

21 Aug ’06

Proper Blog Stylee Video an dat – Video Blog stylee

19 Aug ’06

Insomnia – Video Blog stylee

I couldn’t sleep so I made this. jZRc_Cu4z20
18 Aug ’06

Friday nights are for…I cant remember anymore

It’s Friday night and I’m at home working. I did watch the Big Brother final. Anyway thats not the point – ok like on many occassions […]