8 Mar ’06

hmm yeah

More busy art type stuff.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK, JAMES & MATT!!! So many today!! Have a goodun boys!
8 Mar ’06


Jus realised I’ve been crap with this site this month so far. Not really been writing much. I guess I dont really have much to say […]
6 Mar ’06

nothing to see here

[wmv width=”320″ height=”240″]http://content.dogsonacid.com/video-stream/pendulum-slam-musicvid.wmv[/wmv] Found this vid this eve. It’s a music Video of Pendulum – Slam. Was shot in and around soho . One location was […]
2 Mar ’06

What a dumba**e

Just realised I wrote the wrong date yesterday. 29th feb 06? It’s impossible – what an idiot!!!
1 Mar ’06

ooh arty like

I’ve been gettin all creative with Photoshop. I downloaded a s**t load of brushes and was messing around – the above is the result! The theme […]
27 Feb ’06

floatin along

I’m an idiot! I’ve realised I’ve totally fudged things up over the last month. My great New Years Resolve has been almost totally flushed away – […]
24 Feb ’06

pickin myself up again

So it’s been a s**tty week! Work has been slow and I’m finding it hard to get more work in. I’ve had a rotten nasty a**e […]
21 Feb ’06


I am fudged off. Oh the thoughts going through my head. I just cant understand how some people can be so ridiculously stupid with their attitudes […]
19 Feb ’06

Feelin so ill i think i gonna die…

This weekend : Finally got to bed at noon on sat slept for 4 hours got up and replied to some emails an dat watched some […]