16 Mar ’06


15 Mar ’06

Hi honey, I’m home….

Well, I’m back. I got back late last night. The funeral was grand. Despite being thrown in a\t the deep end we managed to pull it […]
9 Mar ’06

another sad day

It is another sad day. My Aunt Valerie lost her battle with Cancer this morning. Going over to Dublin first thing on Sat morn. My Mom […]
8 Mar ’06

hmm yeah

More busy art type stuff.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK, JAMES & MATT!!! So many today!! Have a goodun boys!
8 Mar ’06


Jus realised I’ve been crap with this site this month so far. Not really been writing much. I guess I dont really have much to say […]
6 Mar ’06

nothing to see here

[wmv width=”320″ height=”240″]http://content.dogsonacid.com/video-stream/pendulum-slam-musicvid.wmv[/wmv] Found this vid this eve. It’s a music Video of Pendulum – Slam. Was shot in and around soho . One location was […]
2 Mar ’06

What a dumba**e

Just realised I wrote the wrong date yesterday. 29th feb 06? It’s impossible – what an idiot!!!
1 Mar ’06

ooh arty like

I’ve been gettin all creative with Photoshop. I downloaded a s**t load of brushes and was messing around – the above is the result! The theme […]
27 Feb ’06

floatin along

I’m an idiot! I’ve realised I’ve totally fudged things up over the last month. My great New Years Resolve has been almost totally flushed away – […]