18 May ’06

Bring on da poverty….

I really have bugger all to say. Except that I’m tired and annoyed today so I’d rather not be a moany dorktastic idiot!
16 May ’06

I hate it I tell thee….

I’ve been realising over the past few days that I really hate this design I gots going on at the moment. Its really dark and shady and […]
12 May ’06


So last night I had a date and it was fantastic. I met the lovely lady on the tinterweb through a dating site. Yes Marky gone […]
10 May ’06


I hate spammers. Does’nt everyone! On average I receive 20 spam emails a day and while my antivirus software picks up most of it it’s still […]
9 May ’06

I likes it when a plan cometh togeva

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEV Have a good un innit bredriiiiiin!
6 May ’06

Almost there….

We are in the final stages of this big project!
4 May ’06

No Speed Dating for me!!!

ok I’m now really pissed off! – I am thoroughly just sick of this career! Been rendering all this week and the video still needs tweaks. […]
3 May ’06

Pixilation & being an idiot

2 things annoy me today! 1).the YouTube.com website is pants! I was intending to upload all my personal videos to that site as its free and […]
1 May ’06

Demeaning Beans

This is what my meals have resorted to! I am now officially so broke that I am eating beans on toast! Although a very tasty delight which […]