14 Apr ’06

Goooood Friday

Went for a ride this afternoon – Lovely!!
13 Apr ’06

I am very very tired!

Have some screen grabs of the DVD I’m working on. Am watching this doco on BBC1 called “Pets are People” and the most inspiring thought has […]
11 Apr ’06

you what?

Am very very very very busy! – All means money though!
9 Apr ’06


It’s official, I am now no longer a cider drinking thing. VODKA is my drink of choice!!!! That is all.
2 Apr ’06

Spring is in the air

Well my brother picked me up this morn and off we went to acquire some work orientated equipment. As left the house I filled my lungs […]
1 Apr ’06

thieving bastards

Yes my bank have screwed me. – They have charged me for nothing and I aint happy. Gotta sort this stuff out as I really aint […]
31 Mar ’06

too much on

So I have no cash and I am too busy. I’ve almost got the Olive Tree site ready and the client is very happy indeed. I’ve […]
29 Mar ’06


Rent is due and i have no money!!! – AAAARGH. I think i may have to give my dad a bell and ask for some assistance. […]
26 Mar ’06

boom fizz and pop

My tiniterweb machine blew today, flames and all! I’ve lost all my films, all my email, all invoices – could this get any worse now? This […]