30 Apr ’06

NEW DESIGN – A lil more progress

Another wee re-arrangement of the layout. Was looking to make the whole page less busy. The previous designs had always been overly busy but I kind […]
29 Apr ’06

NEW DESIGN – Still in progress

I decided to have a creative diversion and redesign this site – hope ya liksey!
28 Apr ’06


so life is generally just pissing me off at the mo and I’m really busy so that’s why i been quiet an dat! Here is a […]
24 Apr ’06

I aint dead….

No just really busy and nowt interesting is happening!
16 Apr ’06

Loooooads of choccie surprises!

Had a nice afternoon with the family – clicky piccie to see! There was a huge trampoline and I managed to knee punch myself in the […]
14 Apr ’06

Goooood Friday

Went for a ride this afternoon – Lovely!!
13 Apr ’06

I am very very tired!

Have some screen grabs of the DVD I’m working on. Am watching this doco on BBC1 called “Pets are People” and the most inspiring thought has […]
11 Apr ’06

you what?

Am very very very very busy! – All means money though!
9 Apr ’06


It’s official, I am now no longer a cider drinking thing. VODKA is my drink of choice!!!! That is all.