12 Feb ’06

24 is back!!

we had our wee session of watching the first two episodes of the new series of 24 and Jack is back with a vengeance!! Later I […]
9 Feb ’06

I’m still bored

I think we need another party! Well I need to party! Getting back to that constantly stressed state and I’m not happy. So looking like gonna […]
8 Feb ’06

Meena’s bored

Poor Meena is a bored girly but she did say that she likes good looking geeks on her blog! – I know what u saying Meena […]
6 Feb ’06

riding along….someday

So i really need to get on the bike more. Last weekend I went for a ride down the canals and got very very VERY bored! […]
5 Feb ’06

The weekend…

Right. So the weekend started with the boys of the house going to the rose and crown pub where we played monopoly. Steve got pissed first […]
3 Feb ’06


hmmm – busy! Off the success of the site I am working on for Gary Love I am now starting a second site for Colette Brown. […]
30 Jan ’06


Frustrating Day!!!- Tried making calls, made some calls, and got little work done. – Damn i need some cash flow – might have to go down the […]
27 Jan ’06

What do you do when…..

So I was talking to the princess on the phone last night and she was telling me of a grave dilemma she is suffering: A good […]
26 Jan ’06

Later that day

I finally put the Dublin Gallery up – have a perusal!! here _________________________________________ hmmmm.   Been a bit disjointed over the past few days. Trying to get […]