19 Feb ’06

Feelin so ill i think i gonna die…

This weekend : Finally got to bed at noon on sat slept for 4 hours got up and replied to some emails an dat watched some […]
18 Feb ’06

All night long……

No I’m not sing the praises of my sexual prowess! – No I’ve been working all night and I is tired innit! – The concept of […]
15 Feb ’06

again, an uninteresting title

Am listening to Jo Whiley on Radio1 and the common event from last night was splitting up. A shed load of people split up their relationships […]
14 Feb ’06

Happy V@#&na Day!!!

So it’s Valentines Day! I promised my self I’d try not to be too cynical about this so I’m not. I hope all of you have […]
12 Feb ’06

I’m hungover

Last night we all pilled out to West Ealing to celebrate Lucy’s (JP’s sister) 21st birthday. Woke up this morning with a stinking hangover and I […]
12 Feb ’06

24 is back!!

we had our wee session of watching the first two episodes of the new series of 24 and Jack is back with a vengeance!! Later I […]
9 Feb ’06

I’m still bored

I think we need another party! Well I need to party! Getting back to that constantly stressed state and I’m not happy. So looking like gonna […]
8 Feb ’06

Meena’s bored

Poor Meena is a bored girly but she did say that she likes good looking geeks on her blog! – I know what u saying Meena […]
6 Feb ’06

riding along….someday

So i really need to get on the bike more. Last weekend I went for a ride down the canals and got very very VERY bored! […]