18 Dec ’05

Loooong weekend

I been busy this weekend. Friday eve I was working and kept working till v late till my wonder woman got back from being out. Sat I […]
15 Dec ’05

Busy as a basta….

Really really Busy but a big yo yo to Andy!!! – Get better soon bredrin!!
15 Dec ’05


Those of you who know me well will know that one of my biggest gripes is bad customer service. – I just been down Oxford Street […]
13 Dec ’05

OK it’s not funny now.

So its late again and I have missed out on 2 wicked events this eve. Firstly the Princess offered me a spare Fugee’s ticket but due […]
12 Dec ’05

Is Oil more important than laughs?

Richard Pryor 1940 – 2005 – R.I.P. _________________________________________ A frustrating day! -Not got much done and bouncing around diff projects. Trying to capture stuff – not […]
11 Dec ’05


Jus heard some of the best news I’ve herd in a while. James and Veronika got engaged today. Wohoooo!!! It was only a month ago I […]
10 Dec ’05


Do you ever feel like parts of your life are too good to be true. I am a lucky guy. I’ve got summat in my life […]
8 Dec ’05

so…..tired…..& Happy B-Day Bro

It’s now 6am on fri morning. Been up all night rendering this stuff for this DVD. Been taking sooooo long and I am sooo tired. ____________________________________________ […]
7 Dec ’05


Doing a conference edit today and its very dull. Met my Princess for lunch which was lovely. that is all.