16 Nov ’05

overhaul needed

Right I need a complete overhaul in this site – the plan is to create a new design concept for the whole thing and learn PHP. […]
15 Nov ’05

really should get up in the morning…..

I really should you know. You see it’s one of the benefits of being freelance is there are days midweek when there’s nothing on and I […]
14 Nov ’05

eBay sogay – eBay not sogay

So I jumped the gun a lil on the eBay thing. The new listing is sorted so hopefully I’ll actually sell it this time round. On […]
13 Nov ’05

I cant think of any witty titles for this today

Now that was a nice relaxing day. I woke up about 1 in the afternoon – was a late one trying to finish the showreel. I […]
12 Nov ’05


I took Sir Fergus for a walk down to Gunnersbury Park Yesterday afternoon and its was soooo windy. I love really strong Wind. It can be […]
11 Nov ’05


I did another bored type video you can see it here: yckFAdzAQkM I’m working on a showreel today for a lad called David Armand – He’s […]
10 Nov ’05

Section 8

So it was quite a long busy day today. Had to face the Tube again to get down to Ministry of Sound. The job they had […]
6 Nov ’05

It’s a sad day

Yes it is indeed. I have come to realise that I’ll have to sell my bike. The beasty will have to go. The reason is so […]
2 Nov ’05

Day One

Day one being pedless. I had to endure the joy that is the London Underground system. The very thing for which the ped was bought to avoid. […]