16 Oct ’05

What if????

Playing around again with the morphing software I bought and I remember seeing 2 photos in one of the galleries. My Dad and my niece Naomi. […]
13 Oct ’05


I am tired – need a holiday and need something really good to happen – anything.
9 Oct ’05

oh my dear lord

ITS MA BIRFDAY!!! Today i turned 27………. I feel old Had a wicked party last night – will be doing a gallery and video of all […]
9 Oct ’05

and yay it did kick off

   I’ve done the vid of the party – click the above pic or go to the vids menu to see what you missed or to […]
6 Oct ’05


   HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!! It’s my oldest Sister Sandra’s birthday today!
2 Oct ’05

Brrrrr s’cold

It was like stepping into a fridge when I went to get milk this morning. The weather is gettin cold! no more waltzing around in t-shirts.! […]
26 Sep ’05

I been busy!!! 

Ive been a very busy boy. Over the weekend I redesigned the Mediachill site. It is finally looking good and Tom and I are both very […]
22 Sep ’05


I NEED TO MAKE MONEY Give me some money please now!!!! – Getting a bit annoyed now as Ministry still have not paid me.
21 Sep ’05


FED UP! I need to buy a Mac and get Final Cut Pro. The problem is that a G5 Mac will cost about £2k plus. – That kind […]