29 Aug ’05


Woo Yay, Bob is back!!! Bob got back from Brazil on friday and has partially moved in. He’d gone to edinburger to sort a few things […]
25 Aug ’05


I was checking my bank statments online today and noticed sommat that made me laugh hard. Its the reference bob added when he paid his rent […]
22 Aug ’05


I have been stressed out as of late. Life is…..difficult at the mo. Not bothered with nowt! My parents just left. They popped round to drop […]
13 Aug ’05


Going on a shoot tomoz for Ministry – should be “CHAVTASTIC” going to essex for a modded car show!!!
11 Aug ’05


I have been scorn by bob for short entries. Sorry – jus not got much to say these days!!!
8 Aug ’05


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN God danm I am sooo bored!!
7 Aug ’05

Sisters Flemming

Had a good night last night with the Sisters Flemming. I met them at Leister Square and after taking the scenic route down to Covent Garden […]
4 Aug ’05

tired – hungry – sleepy

tired – hungry – sleepy
3 Aug ’05

hello there August

Hello there August. Long time no see. You look a lil under the weather.