29 Mar ’05


Matt is  quite simply bonkers. 200miles in less than 6 days and not riding on all of them!!!
27 Mar ’05


Its amazing how I forget just how much I enjoy riding. The freedom of the paths and the wind in your hair – its great. I […]
26 Mar ’05

happy birthday webby

Wehey, This site is a year old today!!!!. I think my web skills have come along quite nicely over the last year. I think this site […]
25 Mar ’05


Now its not a case of laziness that has stopped me from doing much this week on this site, its more stress. I’ve had a lot on […]
17 Mar ’05

Hungry Hols

Well Its Paddy’s Day and I am not really intending to do anything at all. I am broke so there you have it. Will probably go […]
14 Mar ’05

boring hungary

So we gots here ok! The r\trip was pretty uneventful – I slept through the take off and then got snippets of sleep throughout the flight […]
12 Mar ’05


Off to Budapest tomorrow with Bob for a few days. – He originally got this holiday for his lady friend but she gots exams or summat like […]
10 Mar ’05


Just finished the website for the the illusionators. Its taken a while to do but its now up and running under www.theillusionators.com . It is by […]
9 Mar ’05

sitting in it now

I am about as motivated for work as a death row inmate is for the chair. I have made a wee chatroom at the bottom of […]