24 Jun ’05


Right there are a few things i need to sort out on Mr. Beasty. Firstly is the disc hose on the front so I can actually get […]
23 Jun ’05


Life is like the tyre! Well it feels that way anyway.
19 Jun ’05


Its HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HOT HOT! Summer has definitely arrived in force. I love the hot weather. Have had a really good weekend. On Friday I went to […]
18 Jun ’05


Welcome to another new design. Again there’s a poll for you to vote on how u like it and so on. – Not gonna say much […]
6 Jun ’05

The Long Long Drive

Now that was a harsh weekend. – It was great but harsh. On Fri morning i left London with bob in a huge transit van heading […]
2 Jun ’05


Well June started quite literally with a bang! On Tues night a guy was shot just outside my front door!! What a great neighborhood I live in. […]
30 May ’05


I think this is that cloud that appeared in the sky on friday. Went to Silverstone on Sunday to see World Super Bikes which was ace […]
19 May ’05


Another hectic week – I aint being lazy – just busy. It all came to a head today which was probably he worst ever!!! Managing Audio […]
14 May ’05

its s**t mate

For all those who live/lived in preston I give you a uni work piece. A project I had to do in uni with a twist: Uni […]