9 May ’05

pished pizza

Well what a weekend!!! On friday I met up with Bob and Meena in the North Star in Ealing. There much Vodka was consumed. My Brother […]
5 May ’05


O. K. so I’m writing this with voice recognition and it’s quite cool because I’m not touching my keyboard on just sitting here talking to my […]
1 May ’05

it is may?

I feel so uncreative and am having a huge mental block. Help Me!! Just realised – IT IS MAY!!!! where’s all the time going?
28 Apr ’05


I am being so lazy with this site lately. Hrumph!
24 Apr ’05

New PC yay

Super fast new PC’s are great. I’ve spent the last few days getting my new system up and running and I am very happy with it. […]
21 Apr ’05


New toys arrive tomorrow for my new PC. Wohoo!!!
19 Apr ’05

8o’s T & BMX tracks

So I didn’t do the horsenden hill loop but I did go down the BMX track with JP and Edd. This is jus a quick update, […]
17 Apr ’05

pulling curtains open

Every morning when I wake up I pull the curtain aside while still lying in bed and I take a look at the sky to see […]
14 Apr ’05

all nighter

If I said I was tired yesterday then that’s an understatement for today!!!! Tom and I pulled an all-nighter last night to get this job done. […]