11 Apr ’05

car alarm alarm

With a night of sleeplessness thanks to the idiot who had a dodgy car alarm parked across the street I got about an hours sleep last […]
10 Apr ’05


Another weekend passes. Friday saw Tika and I go over to Acton to see wee Jacob. Tika almost had a total overload of broodiness. My lil […]
6 Apr ’05


I am having a confusergled day today. Trying to re-create the navigation pane for the site I’m working on and its seeming to be a pain […]
5 Apr ’05

woot woot – Jacob

Well now let me see….. the weekend was good. Went for a pootle on the bike on sat. Did my old local loop round Elthorne park, […]
1 Apr ’05


My new portfolio is up online. There are a couple of videos to add to it but click on the link to the left to have a […]
1 Apr ’05

body clcok

Working from home does have its distinct advantages but my body clock is suffering. I have not been keeping proper hours at all and have been […]
30 Mar ’05

Bloggin Cuz

Just saw my cousins blogger so thought I’d link her. http://www.nimrodblog.blogspot.com/
29 Mar ’05


Matt is  quite simply bonkers. 200miles in less than 6 days and not riding on all of them!!!
27 Mar ’05


Its amazing how I forget just how much I enjoy riding. The freedom of the paths and the wind in your hair – its great. I […]