28 Feb ’05


Jimmer has got on the video page bandwagon and now has his own video page. Visit him at : www.kraftyspage.co.uk
27 Feb ’05


EBay is a good good thing!!! On Friday eve I won this TV. Now the only problem is delivery. Because its a 32″ widescreen TV its […]
26 Feb ’05


Got a new wing mirror for the ped and a new number plate also. Watched Big Fish which was a nice movie. reinstalled raid and rebuilt machine. […]
24 Feb ’05


The Pc is still shagged! – I stripped it out and then rebuilt it but its still not working – DOH!
23 Feb ’05

pc death ?

My PC died last night. I got home and the little s**t would not boot up! It seems to bee hooking on the MUP.SYS file however I […]
22 Feb ’05


I’ve re done the video page!!! You should now find it to the left under the links! OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OOOOOOW – […]
21 Feb ’05

Evil Kinevil

I am “Evil Kinevil”!!!! I had my first bike crash on the Moped on my way into work. This complete idiot decided to swap lanes without […]
20 Feb ’05

servere pain

Bloody Hell! This changing server stuff has been such a pain in the a**e! – Our hosting company has been very reliable but with this change […]
17 Feb ’05


This is pretty cool: This is from a gallery from Twinklydave. He and the Richyboyo went out for a long ride in some stupidly snowy conditions. […]