3 Mar ’05

32″ Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidescreen

I HAVE A HUUUUUGE TELLY!!!! It arrived in the office this morning and it really is stupidly big. OK its a Daewoo but it works and […]
2 Mar ’05

duplicating duplicates

I gave to try and sort out the part of the site my brother has been working on. Gacktrek was his incarnation and he wanted it […]
2 Mar ’05


Mr. Bob is returning to London – Woo YAY! If it works right he may be moving in with us which would be even better!!!!
1 Mar ’05


Another month begins! oh dear god no – time is flying by – getting an age complex again!!!! Bob – gave some of us, his closest minions, […]
28 Feb ’05


ARG!!! I spent all day sat rebuilding my PC and last night it crashed out – AGAIN!!! One of my raid disks failed! I think I […]
28 Feb ’05


Jimmer has got on the video page bandwagon and now has his own video page. Visit him at : www.kraftyspage.co.uk
27 Feb ’05


EBay is a good good thing!!! On Friday eve I won this TV. Now the only problem is delivery. Because its a 32″ widescreen TV its […]
26 Feb ’05


Got a new wing mirror for the ped and a new number plate also. Watched Big Fish which was a nice movie. reinstalled raid and rebuilt machine. […]
24 Feb ’05


The Pc is still shagged! – I stripped it out and then rebuilt it but its still not working – DOH!