31 Jan ’05

trolley rides

So I went through Friday fine and then in the eve the cold came in force thus putting a real damper on my weekend but that […]
28 Jan ’05


A cold is developing within my body. I woke up this morn feeling a bit snivelling and now its getting worse. I deduce that wee colds […]
27 Jan ’05

designey and dat

I’ve been really busy trying to develop some other web projects at the moment. Looking at setting up templates and hosting companies and domain registrars in […]
24 Jan ’05


A quiet weekend.
17 Jan ’05


I have been really bored this week. – I have been faffing around a lot. I did sort out the Mac though which was ace. It […]
10 Jan ’05


Ok so a small business plan is forming in my mind. I need to sort out me s**t. Get some more cash flow and I was […]
8 Jan ’05


Over the last 3 days I have been working on my portfolio and it is pretty much finished. I need to show it to a couple […]
7 Jan ’05


I started my new portfolio last night and so far its looking great. Previously I had been doing it as a DVD but I realised it […]
6 Jan ’05


I am quite disappointed in myself and my riding or rather lack of riding. I have a lovely steed and I aint using it. I must […]