15 Nov ’04

moped terrorist

These are just funny. – I bought a biker balaclava for the moped during winter:
15 Nov ’04


JAMES PEARCE IS A BASTARD!!! Why is it that when you stroke someone’s ego it can be a very bad thing and it is not reciprocated??? James’ […]
14 Nov ’04


Graced Mr. Pearce with my presence down by Teddington Lock this afternoon. Bought some DVD’s off him and drank a pint. I neglected to go have […]
12 Nov ’04

ebay t**t

I have updated the eBay dispute article. – The guy is unreal! Also Updated Blog archive system / navigation at bottom of page.
11 Nov ’04


My moped broke down AGAIN this morning. I cant bloody believe it At this point I really aint impressed!!! Had it not been for James Lightning […]
8 Nov ’04

The Godfather

My sister rang me and asked me to be her new daughter Lucy’s Godfather!! – Me a godfather – It’s true – Proof is below!! Met […]
7 Nov ’04

hallo mr ween

A Belated Happy Halloween to you all!!!! This is me at 5am this morning. Just dropped Bob back home after a good night out at fireworks […]
6 Nov ’04

cheap deals

Play.com – Excellent!!! I went for a brief ride this afternoon – mostly roads – got bored – came home!
3 Nov ’04


I developed a really bad headache this afternoon so I decided to go for a ride. It did the job! When I got back I got […]